The Achievement Effects of Standardized Testing.

175 rows · Testing with feedback produces the strongest positive effect on achievement. Adding stakes or testing with greater frequency also strongly and positively affects achievement. The evidence from a century’s worth of quantitative studies shows the effect of testing on achievement to be moderately to strongly positive.

The Effect of Testing on Achievement: Meta-Analyses and.

Request PDF on ResearchGateThe Effect of Testing on Achievement: Meta-Analyses and Research Summary, 1910–2010. Source List, Effect Sizes, and References for Survey StudiesThe study.

The Effect of Testing on Achievement: Meta-Analyses and.

The Effect of Testing on Achievement: Meta-Analyses and Research Summary, 1910–2010. Source List, Outcomes, and References for Quantitative Studies
The Effect of Testing on Achievement: Meta-Analyses and. The mean effect size (for the perception that testing has a positive effect on achievement) exceeds 1.0, a very large effect. Effect sizes are relatively weaker, however, for situations in which one group is held accountable for the performance of another—holding either.The Effect of Testing on Student Achievement, 1910–2010. Jan 23, 2012 · This article summarizes research on the effect of testing on student achievement as found in English-language sources, comprising several hundred studies conducted between 1910 and 2010. Among quantitative studies, mean effect sizes range from a moderate d ≈ 0.55 to a fairly large d ≈ 0.88, depending on the way effects are aggregated or effect sizes are adjusted for study artifacts.Standardized Tests: Good or Bad?Aaron's Blog Richard P. Phelps, a distinguished educational researcher, has found that 93% of studies done on the effect of standardized tests on student performance show a positive, measureable effect on the student’s understanding of concepts that these tests test. Also, standardized testing is one of the few areas of education that are completely “fair”.The Effects of Summer Vacation on Achievement Test Scores. A review of 39 studies indicated that achievement test scores decline over summer vacation. The results of the 13 most recent studies were combined using meta-analytic procedures. The meta-analysis indicated that the summer loss equaled about one month on a grade-level equivalent scale, or one tenth of a standard deviation relative to spring test scores.Subjective Well-Being, Test Anxiety, Academic Achievement. Jan 08, 2016 · Keywords: subjective well-being, academic achievement, test anxiety, achievement emotions, adolescence To date, especially fundamental longitudinal studies on the relationship between SWB and academic achievement illuminating the causal ordering of.

Works Cited - Standardized tests

Moon, Tonya R. "State Standardized Testing Programs: Their Effects On Teachers And Students." National Research Center On The Gifted And Talented (2007): ERIC. Web. 7 July 2013. Phelps, Richard P. "The Effect of Testing on Achievement: Meta-Analyses and Research Summary, 1910–2010,” Nonpartisan Education Review, Apr. 2011. Web. 10 July 2013.

  • The Effect of Learning Cycle Models on Achievement of.
  • As a result of this study, it is confirmed that the effect of learning cycle models on students' achievement is positive and the determined effect size was found out as 1.164 (% 95 CI, SE = 0.071) according to random effects model. In the study, moderator analysis was made according to the learning cycle models, type of the dissertations.

  • The effects of mobile phone use on academic performance: A.
  • This meta-analysis was designed to explore the extent to which mobile phone use influences student academic achievement, and if so, the extent to which the effects of mobile phone use are moderated by (a) education level, (b) region, (c) study type, (d) whether or not the effect size was derived from a Beta coefficient, and (e) the construct used to measure mobile phone use.

  • The Effect of Motivation on Student AchievementSpringerLink
  • May 16, 2017 · The effect of motivation on student achievement was examined in this meta-analysis study. A total of 956 research studies were collected during the literature review, out of which 205 were included in the meta-analysis. The 205 research studies were compiled to obtain a sample size of 772,903 subjects.

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