Environmental Degradation in the Niger DeltaPambazuka News

Joel Bisina. In attempting to underpin environmental degradation and its implication on peace and conflict dynamics in the Niger Delta, it will be necessary to try to examine the various contextual environments that present themselves and how they singularly or.

Causes of Environment Degradation in Niger Delta.

Oct 12, 2018 · Causes and Effects of Environment Degradation in Niger Delta. In this article, we examine the various factors that contribute to environmental degradation in Niger Delta as well as the effects/consequences of these factors. 1. Acid Rain. This is a major cause of environmental damage witnessed in the Niger Delta region.

"Environmental degradation in the Niger Delta.

Sep 08, 2014 · "Environmental degradation in the Niger Delta". But the adverse effect of oil exploration and exploitation has destroyed the glowing pride of nature in the region. The contaminated ecosystem has crippled the livelihood of the local people who take pride in fishing and depend on land for survival. Responses to Environmental Degradation in Niger Delta. Dec 19, 2018 · Environmental Degradation in Niger Delta: Responses of the Nigerian State, Oil Companies, and Oil-Bearing Communities The Niger Delta covers an area of about 70,000 square kilometres, with a wetland area of about 36,000 square kilometres of marshland, creeks, tributaries and.The impacts of environmental degradation in the Niger Delta Environmental degradation is one of the largest threats facing Nigeria today. This is because; it occurs in several ways, with numerous impacts that could cost the country billions of naira to resolve. The Niger Delta region has suffered so much as a result of environmental degradation over the years.Niger Delta – EnvironmentalWorld Of Matter Niger Delta – Environmental. The pollution and environmental degradation of the Niger Delta is striking, particularly in the towns, where the absence of sanitation is evident. With a Shell pipeline running through its little harbour, small fishing enclaves have seen their waters polluted and fish stocks depleted.Health risks from environmental degradation in the Niger. Gas flaring is another major source of environmental degradation resulting from oil exploration activities with serious health risk implications (Dung et al. 2008). Flaring of natural gas from oil stations as a by-product of crude oil production has been a normal occurrence in Niger Delta (Opukri and Ibaba, 2008).

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